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It is time for Jack and his friends to move out from the gorgeous city of Paris and continue their journey to other parts of the world. This time Kiloo Studio brings all the rush and subway grinding to Hollywood in their latest release of Subway Surfers Los Angeles where Jack and his crew along with the addition of Wayne the dexterous actor will be messing with fat Cop and his dog in the streets of Los Angeles. The game comes with trivial yet significant changes such as new outfits, new hoverboard and addition of new Los Angeles special character Wayne, not to mention the aesthetically designed Hollywood.

Subway Surfers Los Angeles Features

  • Funky new outfit for the Ninja and others.
  • Addition of new Cruise hoverboard.
  • Integration of new events each day.

468 x 60 Reklam Alanı

İşletim Sistemi: 2.3.3+

Dosya Boyutu: 40.6MB

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